Salty Soul Creative Studio

Salty Soul Creative Studio

Handcrafted Artworks in Wanneroo, Western Australia


Welcome to the Salty Soul Creative Studio!

There is little better in life than to work with ones hands. The only thing that grows the experience is to use materials that have a history, which will last a lifetime.

At Salty Soul Creative Studio, you’ll experience the smell of freshly sanded wood, of newly charred rounds, of oiled slabs. The bursts of colour from acrylic artworks, and the detailed intricacy of lino prints hung from the walls.

Salty Soul Creative Studio is the home of Western Australian Artist Basia Lamb, forever the creative that loves to make anything and everything. Inspired by the natural world, Bas works to capture the joy of making through her artworks and through hosting small group workshops for those wanting to experience that same joy.

“It is a great pleasure to work with beautiful wood sourced from mills in Australia to provide Art that has already lived a life before it was made into something new. Art pieces that will bring a great source of happiness and connection to those who appreciate the natural environment and a good piece of wood.”

Workshops are available in Pyrography, Lino Printing, Acrylic and Water Colour Painting.

Be sure to be in touch through the following avenues:


Instagram: Or @saltysoulcreative

Email: [email protected]

Location: Stall 49, 33 Prindiville Drive, Wangara 6065


Love the style but nothing is quite what you’re after? Want something custom created for your space? Be in touch and we can start tailoring your special project to your specifications.

Bas works closely with folk to deliver creations with a story.

Please note: Commissions are time dependent, so better to get in early so we can work some magic, as all good things take time!


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